The Big “WHY”

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Untitled design(62)I’ve talked to quite a few people lately who have admitted to having difficulty getting and staying motivated or inspired to clear their space of clutter.

First of all, why not just leave all of the clutter in its place and live with it? I mean, the world is not going to come to an end. So what if you have some extra stuff laying around.

This ultimately is your personal choice of course and this post is not about trying to convince you to de-clutter or do anything else you don’t want to do. But I’m assuming if you’ve read this far that you have a desire to do something about it but just may be having some trouble getting started. It can seem like a very daunting task.


Being inspired is a wonderful thing and it can give you that initial burst of energy and focus that is required to get a project moving. I think everyone needs and can use some inspiration to get their de-cluttering project off the launching pad.

Getting inspired usually isn’t that hard. All you need are a few stories from people who have accomplished things similar to what you are aiming for and or some good step by step “how to” information that makes it seem possible to see yourself accomplishing the goal in question and away you go!

Unfortunately, Inspiration tends to wear off rather quickly.

This is when the dreaded procrastination monster and its accompanying lack of focus show up and ruin everything………

To get a project like purging the clutter from you space completed in a timely manner, (or completed at all) one needs to be able to find, develop and keep the proper amount of long term motivation.

The question is how?


The answer is you need a big enough “Why”

In other words, why do you want to de clutter your space? As in the first paragraph of this post, why not just let it all sit and forget about the whole thing?

There is a reason you are reading this post. The fact that you are here means you have a reason that you are interested in removing clutter from your life. If you can develop that reason into a burning desire so that it resonates with you to the point that you are willing to do almost anything legal, moral and ethical to remove the clutter then actually attacking the project and completing it will be the easy part.

There are as many answers to the “why” question as there are human beings on the planet. Some just need to get better organized. For others it may be a self-esteem issue. Still others are allowing clutter to suck the joy and vitality from their lives. For some it may be a social issue, (as in “I can’t have anyone over to my apartment because I’m ashamed of the clutter”)

Whatever it is. You need to nurture that “why” and develop it into a burning desire before you can truly follow through with your project.

Burning desire:

Desire and yes, even a burning desire can be developed and nurtured. Most people don’t just wake up one morning with a burning desire to do something. Usually that desire has started as an idle thought or off hand idea. Grabbed hold of and stoked like the coals of a blacksmiths furnace, that once small thought takes hold and bursts into the flame of desire.

You can do this!

Just take some time and think about the end result of what it is you’re trying to accomplish. How will you feel once your project is completed? What are the positive affects it will have on your loved ones?  What are the positive effects it will have on you? What will you be able to do, have or be when you are finished with the project?

Make a list of these things, write them out and take some time to really feel what it will be like when yoUntitled design(63)u’re done.

Keep this written list where you can come back to it and remind yourself why you started into this project in the first place. When you get to a rough patch, (There will be rough patches) refer back to the list of “Why’s” and then forge ahead with renewed motivation to bring those benefits into your life.

Unless or until you can created a big enough “Why” that speaks to you and creates a desire that burns in your gut, the first time things get a little difficult there is a strong chance that you’ll decide that this whole thing just isn’t worth it, pack it in and go watch dancing with the stars on TV.

Good Luck and Good Purging!

Cary David Richards