Clutter Creep, Simplicity, and Your Mom’s Storage Unit…………….

Clutter Creep, Simplicity, and Your Mom’s Storage Unit…………….

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Have you ever noticed that about five minutes after you have cleaned, tidied up and generally made sure that your space is clear of all the clutter you can possibly get rid of that depressingly, it doesn’t look and or feel that much different than before you started?


Kids, spouses, roommates and just life in general have a habit of inducing what I call “Clutter Creep”. luggage-638376_1920

No matter what you do, “Stuff” seems to multiply and fill your space. Sometimes in the blink of an eye………..

Living a life of simple joy and clutter free serenity doesn’t seem like it ought to be that difficult……


It really isn’t that hard. But you do need to approach it in the proper way.

The thing is it really is imperative that you figure out how to get rid of all that “Stuff” and once purged, keep the space free of clutter.
I’ve told this story before but just to reiterate……………….

My Mom and Dad are in their early nineties and have lead a very full exciting life. They’ve traveled extensively and have a large extended family full of loving children, grandchildren and now several great grandchildren.
Here’s the problem:

We just moved them into a very nice assisted living center. In the process we had to get rid of 40 or 50 years’ worth of “Stuff” that they had in, around, under and near their house.

Myself and both my brothers all live in small condos or houses with clutter free environments and not that much storage space. (On purpose)

 Meaning that we have no room to absorb their “Stuff”shutterstock_264842978

By the way, a large chunk of their “stuff” was absorbed from both their parents when they passed away. It’s gets to be kind of a never ending cascade of “stuff”.

My parents now have a very small and cozy assisted living apartment and a huge 20 by 20 foot rented storage unit stuffed with the things they either don’t want, can’t give away or haven’t had time or the energy to sell or donate!……….


Don’t let this happen to you!


I’m here to suggest that we all make a concerted effort to halt that cascade……it starts with you and me. Take a stand, make a decision! Stop the insanity!!!

So, the question is how?


The first thing to do is complete a major purge of your environment.

You can get a bunch of really good step by step ideas on how to plan, schedule and implement a project like this in volume 3 and 4 of The Joy of less series:

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Then all you need to do is focus on and pay attention to a few key concepts:

1) Being present and aware of your buying habits and becoming ruthless about what you buy and allow into you space once it’s clutter free.
2) Making sure that every family member or roommate has their own storage area and that they use it.
3) Get into and stay in action. Consciously focusing on being present with your space. Using the proper storage concepts, making sure your family and or roommates are on the program. Decluttering your emotions along with your space.

We can never fully de-stress our lives but by focusing on living with simplicity and making sure that “Cutter Creep” doesn’t overwhelm us we can keep it down to a dull roar.serene woman

Managing the stress and overwhelm is really the key to living simple.


A simplified life and a clutter free environment doesn’t come easy but they are both very definitely worth the effort.

For more information on Purging and de-cluttering make sure you check out the 2 book boxed set of volume 3 and 4 of The Joy of less book series.

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And happy de-cluttering

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