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Stopping time may seem like a bit of a tall order. I mean, time is not a transit bus that stops at every other corner to let people on and off. It just keeps flowing past us like a fast running stream and it seems there is little we can do about it.

Or is there?………..

Have you ever sat in a dentist’s office waiting to have a root canal? Did it seem like the clock had literally stopped and ten minutes seemed to take an hour and a half?

Remember back in grade school when it was the last day of school before summer vacation and it seemed like the day would never end?
Conversely have you ever had a conversation with someone you really enjoy and all of sudden two hours has past and it seemed like twenty minutes?



Grayhaired Woman by WindowYou see, it’s all about perception.
Time may march on unencumbered but our perception of it is what really counts.

Perception is what creates reality.

We live in a society that teaches us to view reality as a hard and fast rule. In truth, everyone’s reality is as individual as they are.

One man’s nightmare of existence could be another man’s day at the beach. It’s all about how you perceive what is going on around and within you.

When it comes to aging and slowing or stopping the march of time, perception is one of the key elements.
We all know those people who seem to have great vitality and a youthful outlook despite their chronological age.
Most of us also know someone who seems 65 years old at age 38.

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What is it that allows one person to live a long and energetic life, free of disease and full of vitality and another to wind down and become old and decrepit far before their time? In truth, there are many factors involved but one of the most influential is a person’s perception of what it means to age.



We are conditioned from birth to believe that at a certain age we are going to begin having trouble with our memory, our joints are going to become stiff and our organs are going to begin to fail. If this is what you truly believe, then there is a good chance that it will become your reality.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way……. Maybe, just maybe there’s another paradigm….
If you could learn to re program your mind so that your perception of an older person is that of vitality and energy, a sharp mind and an active lifestyle….then there is a much greater chance of that becoming your reality.

So……how does one go about re programming their mind to perceive aging in a whole new light?
It seems like twenty minutes that I’ve been waiting for you to ask that!

There are three things that you can do beginning today to adjust your perception of time, change your perception of aging and slow the aging process…..



They are (in order of importance)



Meditation is a practice that many people agree is very helpful but they don’t think they have time for it. Or they misunderstand what it is and think that they don’t know how, so they don’t bother to try.


Learn to find


If either of the above perceptions is one that you’ve had, you just need to get over it and get on with it. Meditation is simply the practice of releasing the tension you have built up in your body and then consciously quieting your mind and looking within. It’s as simple as that. It only needs to take about five or ten minutes a day.

You could take five or eight minutes when you get in your car to go home from work. Relax, close your eyes (prior to driving away or course) and quiet your mind, release the tensions of the day and just be with the space between your thoughts for a few minutes. It will make the drive home a lot less stressful I promise.



Visualization is something that we all do without even thinking about it. You visualized having breakfast this morning before you had it. You just need to get a little more on purpose with it and while you’re doing it you need to feel the emotions of the situations you are visualizing.

In other words visualize what it would be like to be a healthy, vibrant person of your age. One of my mentors, speaker and author Deepak Chopra suggests visualizing an age roughly fifteen years younger than your current chronological age.
Emotionally feel the joy and exuberance of being happy, healthy and energetic at that age.



Affirmation is simply a way to reprogram your subconscious so that it will help to manifest the positive things that you would like to do or have into your life. You might stop and do some affirmations right after you have finished meditating….
Affirmations work hand in hand with your visualizations to help cement the positive ideas into your subconscious.
You should have maybe 3 to 5 short specific and to the point affirmations that you repeat to yourself out loud a minimum of 5 times a day.
In regards to aging your affirmation might go something like this:


“Every day in every way I am getting better and better. I am healthy, relaxed and full of vitality and energy. I think, act and feel like a healthy 45 year old” …….(Or whatever age it is that you want to affirm)


These suggestions are very simple and seemingly innocuous but practiced on a regular basis will have a huge effect on how you perceive time and the effects of aging on our body and soul……..
I would like to challenge you to practice the three techniques listed above for thirty days. Commit to it, make time for it and be consistent and then let me know about the subtle but significant changes that happen in your life…..
Good luck and good meditating
Cary David Richards

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